A Mother’s Dream

I have set myself a new challenge for 2015 ..to do something special with my child, one day a week for a year and to record all our memories/adventures.   I have some lovely fellow photographers on board, and am looking forward to seeing what we all get up to!





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I started this also for my boys, and for all those mums out there who have to work and leave their little ones all day.  I had to work full time since my older two boys were tiny babies…Sometimes, after dropping them off early, I would go back home to get ready for work only to find the kids channel still on the TV. A tear would come to my eye wishing I was watching it together with my boys. It was then it hit me, that I was craving for more time with them, even if they did drive me up the wall sometimes! I wanted to enjoy their childhood, share new experiences with them and treasure every childhood moment as I knew they were not going to be little for long and those little boys, one day, would disappear forever. This is when I took up photography…trying to capture their personalities and those little things forgotten so easily.
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There are many things held close to a mother’s heart through watching their children grow…I feel that through this modern age with the need to work, some of my motherhood was stolen …I have missed out on so much of my little boys…I treasured every little picture and smile they gave me when I picked them up from care. I suppose it made me make the most of the weekends…I would not sit and do the housework on a saturday, no way! I wanted to get out as soon as we got up and go on an adventure. I, of course, took my camera everywhere with me, capturing it all, for them and for me.

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When my youngest got to the age of 6, we had our 3rd child, another boy! The age gap is hard sometimes between him and his big brothers but they absolutely adore him. He is now 3 years old and I am not going to let the same happen to him….I AM going to see the magic in my child whilst he discovers life….if only for 1 day a week, but I get ONE DAY…just us. No I am not doing the housework, I am going to step over the washing and embrace my son.

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