April 2015

I love being part of this group 🙂    My 10 on 10 this month was taken during the Easter holidays….I was determined to get the kids off gadgets and out in the fresh air!  Expecting lots of grief from them as we walked up out local mountain ‘mum, my legs have collapsed’ ‘mum, I’m hungry is there no more food’ ‘mum, when can we go home’!  I was pleasantly suprised that they enjoyed it and were glad they achieved something.   My youngest, Euan, was ‘mountain leader’ and of course his beloved ‘Ted’ came too!

IMG_9987 copyIMG_0062 copyIMG_0067 copyclrIMG_0024 copyIMG_0057 copy

Catching up with his brother….

IMG_0012 copy

The top, yay!!

IMG_9975 copyIMG_0053 copyIMG_0060 copyIMG_0072 copy

Now head on over to the lovely Janet to see what she got up to on her 10 on 10 🙂

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