I am so excited to be part of a lovely circle of friends I met through the EVERYDAY BEAUTY course with Ginger Unzueta….where we learned how to find the beauty within our homes, using only the light available. We have formed a blog circle ‘CHERISH THIS DAY’ – check out my fellow photographers images too….we will be posting each month some heartfelt photos from our ‘everyday beauty’ so keep watching….

This months theme is ‘Pretend’

I adore my three boys with all my heart…. Our two eldest are great with the youngest but they do like to go off and do other stuff too!  I miss those little two boys who have seemed to grow up too quickly….and am just left with memories which sadly are fading, if it was not for my photography, those little boys would disappear forever.

My 2 yr old loves (I mean really loves) his Teddy….he doesn’t go anywhere without him.  He is so happy if you play with him, as long as Ted is involved!  We thought it would be fun to give ‘Ted’ and some of his friends a health check, so we grabbed some bandages, plasters, pretend medicine and even treats for when the teddies were brave!  I set the teddy hospital up ready for the patients!  Much to my surprise, my two eldest were playing in the hospital more than my youngest! They loved it, writing out the medical cards and putting bandages on…maybe I haven’t lost those two little boys just yet :)   I think they like to be little again sometimes ;)

 IMG_4850 copy IMG_4898 copy IMG_4906 copy IMG_4933 copy IMG_4935 copy IMG_4945 copy IMG_5106 copy 2 IMG_5098 copy IMG_4980 copy

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  1. Sarah Post author

    aww thank you so much Amanda for your kind words…I am so grateful for my new friends :) xx

  2. Amanda Burr

    These are super duper cute Sarah…and so are your boys! It’s obvious you put so much thought into this and it turned out perfectly! LOVE all of these. Such a fun set. This is really exciting for me to be a part of a group with so much talent. Looking forward to our journey!

  3. Cate @ Cate Wnek Photography

    This is so awesomely adorable, I can hardly stand my happiness. I must do this. And it is so beautifully captured Sarah!

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