May 2015

My 10 on 10 this month was a trip to the farm and following in my family’s footsteps….we were in search of our long lost family…trawling through old photographs and finding out a lot about our past relatives…we didn’t stay long but instead went over the road to the local farm to see some piglets 🙂IMG_2498bw copy IMG_2502 copy

..Euan enjoyed climbing the best and pretending to be a farmer! 🙂 IMG_2556 copy

Feeding the ducklings…IMG_2551 copy IMG_2533 copy IMG_2522 copy IMG_2521 copy IMG_2550 copy IMG_2539 copy IMG_2527bw copy

Follow the circle around to see what  has got up to with Kelly on her 10 on 10  this month

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