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Please can time stand still..

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When you are a busy mum, time passes so quickly.

You think your baby will be little forever, then you turn around and realise that the time has just passed you by and they are leaving school!  I started a blog a while ago for my boys, and for all those mums out there who have to work and leave their little ones all day.


I had to work full time since my older two boys were tiny babies…Sometimes, after dropping them off early, I would go back home to get ready for work only to find the kids channel still on the TV.  A tear would come to my eye wishing I was watching it together with my boys. It was then it hit me, that I was craving for more time with them, even if they did drive me up the wall sometimes! I wanted to enjoy their childhood, share new experiences with them and treasure every childhood moment as I knew they were not going to be little for long and those little boys, one day, would disappear forever. This is when I took up photography…trying to capture their personalities and those little things forgotten so easily.

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When my youngest got to the age of 6, we had our 3rd child, another boy! The age gap is hard sometimes between him and his big brothers but they absolutely adore him. He is now 3 years old and I am not going to let the same happen to him….I AM going to see the magic in my child whilst he discovers life….if only for 1 day a week, but I get ONE DAY…just us. I am writing this blog now to record our adventures…no I am not doing the housework, I am going to step over the washing and embrace my son.

So I have made a list of activities for you mums….

Cut up the activities and put in a jar for your child to pick out each week.
Tip..pick the activity a few days before you plan spend your day together in case you need to prepare for it…


1.    Go on a pirate adventure by the sea, make  treasure map when you get home

2.    Teddy Bear’s picnic with your friends

3.    Searching in rock pools by the sea or go beach combing after a storm, making a memory  jar of the things found

3.    Art day -don’t forget the join in with the sticky mess! paint stones, create canvas etc.

4.    A day at the seaside – build sandcastles, discover what lives there

5.    Teddy/dolly hospital play day – learn simple first aid

6.    Baking day

7.    Zoo day

8.    Goto a fair

9.    Go swimming

10.    Go on a boat trip

11.    Find local free events to attend

12.     Superhero day

13.    Nature dirt!  Crawl through garden discovering the creatures which live there and make mud pies!

14.    Spring…decorate eggs, learn the story of Easter, Easter egg hunt etc.

15.    Biking day, cleaning and riding

16.     Craft day (ideas: making lego crayons, using salt clay etc.  lots of ideas on pinterest)

17.    Gardening…start a veggie garden

18.    Farm day

19.    Summer activities e.g. ice painting (using liquid watercolour paint), frozen treasure (freeze small plastic toys in water to excavate)

20.    Role play day- what does your child want to be for the day?

21.    Lego day

22.    Library day – discovering books, stay for storytime

23.    Cinema day

24.    Autumn day, woodland adventure – pinecone painting…stick building

25.    Have an indoor picnic with a friend

26.    Go swimming together

27.    Visit an apple orchard/pick strawberries

28.    Go for a walk discovering wildlife along the way, collect things to stick in a journal, leaf rubbing etc.

29.    Go fo a train ride

30.    Go horseriding

31.    Camp in the garden, have a small BBQ and toast marshmallows

32.    Draw a map and have a treasure hunt in your garden/house for a sibling/friend

33.    Walk and play splashingin the warm summer rain, playing chase, puddle jumping…

34.    Make your own flip/flap book with pockets etc.

35.    Pick a theme for the day…e.g. duck – draw one, feed some, make one etc..

36.    Goto a Children’s play centre for the day

37.    Science day in the kitchen of simple experiments

38.    Craft Christmas

39.    Have a Knights day – go visit a castle and learn about Knights

40.    Goto a museum

41.    Make a home in your garden/windowsill for a wild animal/bird box etc.

42.    Go pond dipping (search for local organised ones)

43.    Have a go at indoor Rock Climbing

44.    All about ME day – a day doing just what your child would like to do

45.    Pretend school day – e.g. draw letters in shaving foam or sugar!

46.    Make something out of a giant cardboard box

47.    Make and play ‘shop’

48.    Make cupcakes to sell to friends/neighbours on a small stand for charity

49.    Make ice cream, either at home or at an Ice Cream Farm

50.    Make a cardboard small village our of small boxes, tin foil (pond) and stones etc.