Step back in time – part 1

IMG_5482TXT4I have so much respect for people who lived through World War 2 of them being my mother. She has kindly shared her experiences (some painfully) so my children can get a glimpse of her life when she was a child.

I thought of capturing images of my mums grandchildren stepping back in time…just for a moment…to get a little feel of her childhood. Of course, they could not possibly understand the horrors their grandmother had experienced….


It is hard to understand that my mum was 9 years old when the war started. .the same age as my eldest son is in these photographs. My mum was not evacuated, however I set the scene at a train station with my boys as evacuees. There was not another sole on the platform…unlike the real thing when it would of been crowded with children saying goodbye to their mothers. …..some forever.


As I wrote out their tags, carefully putting their names on, I got a horrible feeling of dread…what would it of been like for those mothers sending their children to the country for safety. .what a heart-breaking decision to make…and even more heart-breaking being at the train station knowing you may not see them for a long time…I can’t possibly imagine.IMG_4542

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My boys did have a lot of fun stepping back in time for a brief moment and learning a little of life during WW2
Check out their Granmother’s stories in part two herew_fun_enjoyingthesessionIMG_4981 IMG_5241 IMG_5308 IMG_5454 IMG_5445bw IMG_5471 IMG_5438BP4U_Editors_Choice_Awards_Banner